We got another Exclusive Mix up for grabs, this time coming all the way from Tokyo, Japan by Halu.

All in, on a mission to spread the sounds of Drum n’ Bass in the land of the rising sun, she is full of energy and her passion for the sound comes through on this mix. Don’t let the innocent looking cover deceive you, volume 20 of the Exclusive Mix series comes down HARD! Check the interview below while you blast this one on your system.

Best thing about making/mixing tunes:

Trusting yourself and your senses is important to create art, same goes for DJing.

Sometimes even daily frustrations come into play and I channel them into my music. It’s a relief, a way to express myself.

What should we know about Tokyo’s bass scene?

In Tokyo, bass scene is going well. EDM is what’s most popular, but bass music events are getting stronger. People in Japan are getting more interested in the sound. I want to make a difference for Drum’n’bass scene in Japan!

Your favorite studio gear:

Right now, I’m really enjoying my Audio technica ATH-PRO5MK3 BK. Great sound and looks, size and padding are great for me!

What artist inspires/motivates you:

Mefjus, Rockwell,and DJ MIYU on the music side, but I’m also very inspired by visual artists like

Hokusai Katsushika, BANKSY, Keith Haring and photography.

Life changing album:

Netsky/2. was the first time I was able to buy a full drum n’bass album.

Production tip:

I think, performance is art. You have to be able to keep an open outlook.

If you wanna be a artist, feeding the mind is important to grow your sound.

Something people don’t know about you:

Besides being a Dnb DJ, I’m also Painter, and a Dancer.

Favorite food joint:

I often go to Hubbie Bubbie shops to hang with friends, burgers, sodas and hubbie bubbie with chai!


01. Frozen (feat. Diane Charlemagne)/S.P.Y

02. 64 Thousand Dollar Habit (feat. Secret Handshake Club)/June Miller

03. Transmission/Prolix & Mob Tactics

04. Dissuade/Mefjus

05. Operation Ivy/June Miller

06. Some Kind Of A Psycho (Original Mix)/Eleventh Sun

07. Eden/Computer Artists

08. Lead Us (Audio Remix)/Black Sun Empire & Noisia

09. Buffalo Charge/Dub Phizix & Strategy

10. Bounce/Dub Phizix & Strategy

11. Deadlock/Misanthrop

12. Timeloop/Hybris

13. Melt/L 33

14. Hot Plate/Enei

15. End of kingdom/TLOC & HALU

16. Sirius/Agressor Bunx

17. Flink/Fre4knc

18. Timeline (Optiv & BTK Remix)/Dementia & Rregula

19. Doom Loop (Mefjus Remix)/Rregula, Dementia & Disphonia

20. Hyperion (KNOXX Remix)/Dubscribe